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Eyelash extension by far is the latest trend to give yourself that glamorous look. It is super popular among many celebrities as it offers the glam look without much effort. In comparison to false eyelashes, eyelash extension does save a lot of time in terms of your daily beauty regime. Putting on and off false eyelashes is not only time consuming, it indirectly hurts your eyelids as well as you rip them off.

At Bejeweled, only silk and mink eyelashes are used for extension. These lashes are directly imported from Australia. Individual eyelash extension is practised at the salon, which means that extension is performed on every single natural lash. The end results should feel light weight, and most importantly, they will not hurt the natural lashes.

3 different looks or styles for eyelash extension:

Natural J eyelash extension @ $98.00
Glamourous C eyelash extension @ $118.00
Dramatic Q eyelash extension @ $128.00

Other services:

Eyelash extension removal @ $20.00
Eyelash extension touch up from $38.00

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