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Lash Progress Treatment aims to lengthen and strengthen your natural eyelashes. Victoria Lash Serum - a Swiss formulation made in Singapore, together with Micro-needling Therapy System (MTS), are used in the process to dramatically reactivate lash growth.

A safe, gentle on the eyes, painless and fast treatment that is clinically proven in 21 days for lashes to grow longer, fuller and more luscious.

Treatment can be done on eyebrows as well.

Victoria Lash Serum

A Swiss-formulated serum that is made in Singapore, with natural active ingredients such as:

Larix Europaea Wood Extract : Nourish and condition hair

Carnelllia Sinensis Leaf Extract : Strengthen hair and prevent hair fall

Aloe Vera Extract : Moisturize and soothe

Ginseng Extract : Stimulate and promote hair growth

Objectives of this treatment:

To lengthen short eyelashes

To create a full and more luscious set of eyelashes

Treatment Price:

Upper & Lower Eyelashes @ $118.00

Upper, Lower Eyelashes & Eyebrows @ $138.00

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