PHYT’S – An organic experience

Our first blog post, we would like to walk you through an organic experience. Beauty is Simplicity – our blog’s tagline – explains why PHYT’S (pronounced as fits) really fits the bill.

A little history on PHYT’S

PHYT'S Headquarters in Southern France

  • Created in 1972 – More than 40 years of history and passion
  • 100% Made in South West of France
  • Own dedicated site with laboratory, manufacturing facility (filing, packaging, silk-screening), administrative and training facilities
  • 100% developed in France based on original concept – Naturo-Esthetique – Natural Aesthetics
  • PHYT’S Values:

o   Absolute naturalness of the products

o   Holistic vision linking health and beauty

o   Respect of the Environment


All cosmetics manufactured by PHYT’S Laboratories are certified COSMEBIO by Qualite France (recognized by French Government Health Ministry, equivalent to our HSA).

COSMEBIO requirements and standards:

  • 95% minimum of total ingredients must be from natural origin
  • 10% minimum of total ingredients must be from organic farming
  • 95% of vegetal ingredients must be certified organic (from organic farming)
  • 5% maximum of the ingredients may be chemical or synthetic

PHYT’S Products

  • 100% natural ingredients (PHYT’s rejects using even a 5% maximum of chemical ingredients as an option)
  • Only pure and organic essential oils and vegetal oils selected
  • Formulations without chemical products
  • Absolutely no PEG, no synthetic ingredients or coloring agents, no animal products, no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no phthalate, no synthetic stabilizers, no synthetic frances, no GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • No testing on animals
  • Partly or fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging


PHYT’S Treatments

PHYT’S facial treatment is all about its treatment kit and a good facial massage. It’s that simple. No frills – no machines – no complicated products. All the goodness is packed in the treatment kit. And the best part is, every kit is only good for a single usage. No sharing of products, highest level of hygiene is maintained. Focal point of the treatment is the facial massage. Therapist will perform a good 15 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the face, to ensure all the products are well-absorbed.


We do not need to use complicated products, or go for very expensive facials, to look beautiful. PHYT’S caters to all our beauty needs – simple products (100% natural and organic) and simple treatments (treatment kit and facial massage). For our busy lifestyles, PHYT’S ensures our beauty regime is fulfilled in all ways. Beauty is Simplicity – Simplicity is Beauty.


PHYT’S products and treatments are available at Bejeweled, starting 9th January 2017. Do register your interest with us via our website.






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